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Bike Box presents an array of products, including the Budget Delivery Box, LED Premium Delivery Box, Plain Delivery Box. Several of these items feature IoT integration, enhancing their functionality to SMART levels!

LED Delivery Box

BikeBoxmt LED Box is the best solution for delivery providers. BikeBoxmt’s boxes are designed as a single shell and utilize backlit LED panels for branding and offering cost-effective solution for businesses aiming to enhance efficiency in delivery operations.

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Plain Delivery Box

These boxes do miss the advantage of LED Panel lighting, however, they are budget friendly & can be used for food delivery, couriers, newspaper delivery, etc.

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LED Premium Delivery Box

Our backlit LED boxes are one of its kind & have ‘UAE Industrial Design’ approval. These boxes have been used for dual purpose for delivery & also for brand visibility.

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Optional Delivery Enhancements

You can either add a cooling module or a heating module to the boxes & bags.

Cooling module

Have a Cooling module installed

Heating Module

Have a Heating module installed